Supernotes 3.1.1

Supernotes 3.1.1 is out now :tada:

Thank you for your feedback here on the forum, this minor release addresses a few bugs that were introduced in Supernotes 3.1 as well as adding some quality-of-life improvements related to new features.

As always if you’ve reported a bug / made a feature suggestion here on the forum, you are credited in our release notes below.

Additions, Improvements & Fixes

  • Add Custom Collection commands to Universal Search #2458 by @JohnCP
  • Add Vision item to the card interaction menu #2459 by @wldh
  • Add an inline parent coupler, triggered by typing >>
  • Add Solidity (Ethereum) and Cypher (Neo4j) code language support #1955 by @hahahumble
  • Add Visibility option on mobile #2461 by @Vlach
  • Add filtering by tag count in custom collections #2468 by @deadelia
  • Improve Vision markup diff granularity and semantic meaning
  • Improve Vision to not interfere with real-time collaborative editing features
  • Improve and homogenize card links for consistent yet flexible behavior
  • Improve “Search in View” to only search cards after filters #1861 by @fuzzy.beach
  • Improve inline couplers when required to prevent occlusion #2467 by @JamesT
  • Fix bugs related to Vision markup view breaking in certain scenarios
  • Fix Vision from adding asterisks around changes in certain cases
  • Fix misaligned sidebar calendar title #2450 by @wldh
  • Fix syncing of custom collections with extra properties #2447 by @freisatz
  • Fix issue where SVG images were not uploading properly #2342 by @hahahumble
  • Fix link coupler to close when creating a new card #1967 by @Fizzster21
  • Fix filterless collections to exclude junked cards #2454 by @wldh
  • Fix paste issues on Collection filter JSON editor #2455 by @wldh
  • Fix copy as screenshot on Android

I really appreciate how quickly the app was updated. Thank you!

Please consider including the following minor bug fix in the subsequent update:

No problem @upsaad.

I’ve added that point to our internal 3.1.2 release tasks card and we’ll have a look at that behaviour. I’m guessing you’re on Mobile? Why don’t you use the new inline tag coupler?

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Super fast follow-up! Can I ask for a clarification on the following bullet? :smile: What’s changed?

Will do, thank you.

Thanks for the update! @tobias @connor What about this one? Will this be sorted in Supernotes 3.1.2? It’s still causing me issues.

Unexpected Tab Behaviour

Wow, I’m really loving the new text based coupler shortcuts. It makes adding parents and links way faster for me on mobile. Thanks for a great update!

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Thanks all for your messages, I’ve responded in one post to keep things more concise:

@fuzzy.beach, in the “Search in View” prompt, previously we were searching all your cards in the view rather than just those that were being filtered. So now you can narrow your searchable cards down even further using the filter menu and then use “Search in View” to search just those cards, we think this is a more flexible approach than having variables directly within the search itself.

@Fizzster21, the unexpected Tab Behaviour is also a high priority bug fix and will be fixed in 3.1.2. Generally if you notice that a bug that has been introduced because of an update, we will aim to fix those in the next one or two releases.

@solsen thanks for the kind words :raised_hands:

More updates and fixes to come. If you notice anything else let us know :point_down:


Many thanks @tobias and @connor for this new release.

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