Custom collections don't sync

Description of the bug
Custom collections are not synced. After logging out and in again, custom collections are gone. This issue is reproduceable at this point. However, the very first two collections did sync.

App & Version
Android v3.1

Steps to reproduce
Create an arbitrary custom collection. Log out. Log in again. Gone.

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Hi @freisatz,

Thanks for the report, we will look into this asap :slight_smile:

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I’m having the same issue. Also tried logging out/in, The collections I created were gone. I set them up again and they still don’t sync.

It says it’s stuck with 1 item trying to sync:

Thanks for the reports! If anyone that is having issues with collections wouldn’t mind sharing the details of the collection that isn’t syncing, please let us know. Generally the backend should be storing everything, but custom collections are sufficiently complex that there might be some validation errors that are breaking things for certain collections.

None of mine are syncing - there’s 3 of them that all were created in the same way from an existing view. They’re all basd on having a tag. Two of them also include having a specific parent note.

Very strange! I’m struggling to reproduce at the moment. Would you mind sending the filter data (either as a screenshot or just copy-pasting the JSON) of all the collections that aren’t syncing? You can do here or via the in-app messenger, whichever you prefer.

Sure, here’s an example. I guess it didn’t include the parent card I had in my view when I added it. I’ll have to manually add that in. But either way, the issue I posted about was with the syncing.

“type”: “group”,
“op”: “and”,
“filters”: [
“name”: “Invisible”,
“type”: “visibility”,
“op”: “equals”,
“arg”: -1,
“inv”: true
“name”: “Archived in Parent”,
“type”: “archived_parent_ids”,
“op”: “contains”,
“arg”: “4ab05e69-5aac-4634-a38d-3acba470da36”,
“inv”: true
“name”: “Top”,
“type”: “tag”,
“op”: “contains”,
“arg”: “Top”,
“case_sensitive”: true,
“enabled”: false,
“id”: “tag:contains:Top”

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I figured the issue appears to happen only for those collections that have been created by “create from current filters”, disregarding of the actual contents of those filters.

When I examine the collection’s JSON, this reveals that there is an issue with the schema.

This is hopefully a cue for what’s going on.


Ah yes, that helps immensely. Thank you for the investigative work. We will get this fixed ASAP.

We have gone ahead and pushed an update to our servers that should allow collections like these to sync properly.

We will also be fixing this in the frontend in 3.1.1 so that extraneous properties are not added to your collection filters.

Thanks for your patience!