Custom Collections not syncing between devices

Custom Collections Still do not sync for my account.

I set up 2 custom collections on my M2 MacBook Pro.

They do not sync to my iPhone, iPad, or Web App - All updated to the 3.1.1 and newest iOS updates.

Hi Lauren,

You may need to log out and then log back in, and edit one of your collections for it to sync properly. Let us know how you get on!

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Working now - Thank you for the quick response!!! <3

You’re doing amazing work with this app, I love it :white_heart:

Awesome, in that case I’ll move this to Community Support. We tried to avoid people having to log in and out but in this case it seemed to do the trick :slight_smile:

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I tried logging in/out and it didn’t work…When I recreated / edited my custom lists - that seemed to do it!

I may have spoken too fast - the 1st custom collection I recreated seemed to sync, I made several more and they did not :frowning:

All of my cards aren’t syncing over either - the home collection on web and iPhone app shows 7, the MacBook app shows all 15. No filters on for either

Hi @LaurenBurchell, any updates on this? We’ve been investigating and haven’t found any problems on our end so far. Everything should be syncing for you.

On my side, things still do not work as intended. The following routine illustrates my issue.

  1. Delete Thoughts collection.
  2. Log off
  3. Sign in

At this stage, the thoughts collection’s deletion has synced and it no longer appears in collection list.

  1. Create thoughts collection from proposed collection menu.
  2. Alter newly created collection (Rename, set color, modify JSON, …)
  3. Log off
  4. Sign in

The changes made in 5. are gone. I end up wirh the original thoughts collection.

I haven’t tried it yet in 3.1.2, but the issues @freisatz is running into definitely seem related to previous problems I encountered when duplicating the thoughts collection Modified Duplicate Collections Don't Persist (Mobile)

I have a feeling that sync of an edited collection fails if in that edit, the color has been set to Default. I might be wrong about this, but some inital tests support this hypothesis.


Fantastic observation @freisatz, that was exactly the problem.

We’ve now fixed this in development and will ship in the next release.

In the meantime, keep your collections colorful so that they sync! :grimacing: