Deleted card stays in Junk of second device

When I open Supernotes with two devices at the same time and delete an item in the Junk with the first device, it does not get deleted on the second device. I’m using a Mac mini (M1) with the Desktop app and my phone with the Web app.

Steps to reproduce:
2. Move note to Junk
3. View Junk with Desktop and Web app
4. Delete note in Junk with Desktop app

Expected behavior:
Junk is empty on Desktop and Web

Actual behavior:
Note is still in the Junk of the Web app

It also works the other way around (delete with Web app). Reload does not help but if you logout and login again, the Junk is empty. :partying_face:

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Hi @Colin! Thanks for the thorough bug report. We will look into this and get a fix out very soon!