Supernotes 1.8.5

Supernotes 1.8.5 has been released :tada:


  • Use [Shift] + [Enter] to open cards directly from the command prompt
  • Card links now support all the different clickbindings (single-click preview, shift-click open, alt-click to pin)
  • Show notification when user account info is updated, such as a change in email


We hope you like this update, as always please let us know what you think down below. The next update will be 1.9 and have major improvements, we are excited to share them with you!


The [Shift] + [Enter] and card link changes are amazing, and I’ll be using them both a lot. Thank you!

I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in 1.9!

(I’m secretly hoping for it to be the view update, and if we’re in the best timeline then we’d also get a souped-up version of the graph view that I’m always a little jealous of, every time I see it in Obsidian)

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A sneak peek for you @JamesT :eyes:


Very interesting - thank you for sharing! :eyes:

Am I right in thinking that the parent card is hidden in this Broadsheet View? If so, how have you found that affects navigability and context, compared to the current Noteboard View?

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Oh that’s not the top, I just scrolled down to show more of the Broadsheet :joy:

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Ah, that makes perfect sense!