Desktop app keeps requesting to sign in

This behaviour was not observed before.

My environment is Windows 11 Pro Build 22557.1.

I removed and installed the Supernotes app again, but the result was the same.

When I first opened the app after reinstallation, it was accessed to my account without a login procedure, but after that, when I turned off and turned on the app again, I asked for login again.

Thank you for being so concerned in advance!

I have also been experiencing this behaviour however, I have observed it for a few weeks now.
My environment is Windows 11 Pro Build 22000.493.

I noticed that after exiting the application, Supernotes is still being run as a background process.
When I manually end the task(s) and relaunch Supernotes, I am automatically signed in and the load time is significantly reduced.
This is not an ideal workaround but a temporary fix that seems to be working for me.

I hope this can aid in the investigation :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Thanks for these reports, we will look into this and get it fixed as soon as we can reproduce it as that sounds quite annoying!

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