Display titles in Graph view

One immediate thing that stands out to me, is that graph view in Supernotes lacks context unless you explicitly hover over nodes. Here’s the graph view in Supernotes

And now here’s a graph in Obsidian

The Graph has long been a requested feature from apps that have it (like Obsidian) so I’m sort of curious as to the though process behind the omission of titles? The supernotes graph is definitely more beautiful, but I’m not sure it’s as functional without the notes having titles, so that you can’t see everything at a glance.

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Yep, this is definitely something that is currently lacking. The answer is that we were having some slight performance issues with our title rendering with large (2k nodes) graphs, and performance is one of our top priorities. But rest assured as soon as we figure out performance + rendering as many titles as possible, we will push an update. For now we just wanted users to get their hands on the Graph View without it being fully optimized, but expect many updates to it in the future.


This indeed is a must, guys. I have found Supernotes by searching for apps with graph view but without the names of notes this is just for show only. Don’t worry about names in 3D if that is too complex – adding this feature to 2D graph view would be just fine for the start.

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We hope to release an option for display card titles on nodes within Graph View very soon. I’ve just updated this topic to be a feature request, and bumped the priority.

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Any updates on this? The lack of this feature is a deal-breaker for me…

Hi @mrweir02, thanks for letting us know. I’ve upped the priority on our end as well. There are still quite a few big ticket items that we are focusing on first such as, mobile apps and offline mode, but once they are out we will revisit graph view and make it even better.