Supernotes 2.2.0

Supernotes 2.2.0 is out now! :tada:

Thank you for your feedback here on the forum, this major release further improves our mobile apps as well as adding many highly requested features on the forum. As always if you’ve reported a bug / made a feature suggestion here on the forum, you are credited in our release notes below. This is the final major release before we launch fully-fledged offline mode – we can’t wait to share this with you.

Simpler Interface

We’re proud to introduce a new, more fluid interface after months of testing. On desktop, the keyword search has been combined with filters so you can drill down in your knowledge in a single keystroke (Ctrl / Cmd + F) – filter by multiple keywords, tags and more. We’ve reworked the Overview pane, into three distinct collapsible sections, Collections, Calendar and Outline. On mobile there are new ‘Pinned’ and ‘Invitations’ tabs. Discover all the changes in the in-depth list below, or try them now…

Faster API

We’ve overhauled our API for better performance, now with batch card updates. You can bulk update a bunch of cards within a single request. This new API paves the way for more robust integration and offline support which will be coming in a subsequent update. You can check out the new API here.

More Improvements & Fixes


  • Improve Overview into three distinct collapsible sub-sections; Collections, Calendar & Outline
  • Add ability to resize the sidebar #850 by @idurand
  • New Tasks collection, showing all cards with at least one unchecked todo item #731 by @marekvdhoeven
  • Remove Inbox collection, card invites can now be found in ‘Invitations’ tab
  • New ‘Calendar’ section replaces ‘Daily’ to jump to any day of the month
  • Improve ‘Outline’ to have sorting functionality and faster updates
  • Improve Junk to be fixed at the bottom over the overview


Friends and Sharing

  • Rework Friends to be it’s own modal with improved search, invites requests #1258] by @JamesT
  • Redesign card invites, to have ‘Accept’, ‘Decline’ options always visible
  • Improve User profiles, with support for pending friend requests
  • New Invitations tab, for friend requests and card invitations
  • Remove ‘Private Invitation’ share links, all share links from now on will publish the card on a secret web link
  • Remove ghost role


  • Improve Pinned pane, with empty pins graphic
  • New Pinned tab on mobile #1339 by @kakka0930
  • Add keyboard support for toggling sidebars, Ctrl / Cmd + Shift + 9 / 0 #1236 by @chuckharmston

API & Security

  • Mobile and Desktop apps now require login / signup authentication via a web browser
  • Improve display of expired API keys in the interface

Command Prompt

  • New Friends and Filters commands
  • New ‘Sort Cards’ sub-command


  • Rename ‘Remove for Me’ to ‘Leave’ for better clarity when deciding to do this or to junk a card
  • Redesign ‘Restore’, ‘Leave’ and ‘Delete’ options to be always visible
  • New Empty Junk button in noteboard options, to leave / delete all junked cards at once #802 by @yistc


  • Add display title option to Graph View #974 by @reywright
  • Refine Daily view covers on desktop, since Calendar is now present in the sidebar
  • Add ‘Go home’ noteboard prompt, for when there are no cards in Junk / Tasks
  • Refine Noteboard options, with sub-menus for views, sort and data transfer
  • Fix newly added notecard drops to bottom of current noteboard whilst editing #1267 by @JamesT

Additional Features & Fixes

  • Rework URLs, with three main paths v/card, v/daily and v/collection
  • Add v/daily/today url path to go to today’s date #1047 by @rcavin
  • Add over 1000 new icons, with iconography being updated throughout the app
  • Add deep linking support to desktop and mobile apps – use supernotes://card_id=${cardId} to open any card in preview
  • Add zooming / panning support to images #311 by @daniela1
  • Add startup screen to desktop apps
  • Improve themes for enhanced contrast on different screens #1325 by @tinkerware
  • Improve performance of interface across all apps
  • Fix sorting not working while searching, since search keywords are now a filter. #206 by @kareldries
  • Fix parent information not syncing between cards #912 by @fredmarkle
  • Fix typing experience to be more fluid on Android #1255 by @ThomNov
  • Fix cannot collapse the sidebar in the iPadOS app #1291 by @0cacc0cb
  • Fix visibility to be persistent, if ‘New Card Visibility’ is ‘Priority’. #562 by @daniela1

Some users have been encountering issues with the Desktop app auto-update feature.

The app should auto-update in the background and push up a notification when that update has been downloaded. If clicking the notification does not restart the app, quit the app manually (once you’ve received the “download is ready” update notification) and then wait approx 10 seconds. After that you should be able to open the app and it should be the 2.2 version.

If that does not work you will probably need to download a fresh copy of the app from the website here: Download | Supernotes

Sorry again that this isn’t seamless for all users – we are still working out some kinks with the auto-update process that should be greatly reduced after this release.

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I’m loving the 2.2.0 update so far, thank you both for all your hard work! :heart:

The calendar widget has opened up some usecases that I didn’t even realise I needed! For example, easily capturing all my meeting notes from a particular day into my work diary. The adjustable side panels are also surprisingly delightful! However, I think it’s the combined search/filter that’s going to have the biggest positive impact on my day-to-day usage. Thank you! :raised_hands:


Thanks for your effort making supernotes better and better! Many features were enhanced in version 2.2.0, especially the sort. :100:

Meanwhile, I’ve noticed that the previous fuzzy search is no longer active. For instance, if you search “Apple,” a result containing “Bpple” may also appear previously. It means you can find more relevant cards based on the keywords you’ve entered, and further categorize them. I hope this feature will come back in the future.

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Great to hear that you’re enjoying the update so far @JamesT, we have loads more planned!

Thanks for the kind words @Terence996, and yep, Search is going to be a major focus in the next few releases. We’re not super happy with the balance that we’ve had between fuzziness and relevance in previous versions of Supernotes, so this version doubles down on relevance (Noteboard filter search is now only an exact match and sorts by whatever your sort is instead of relevance) and in another update in the near future we will greatly improve the capabilities of our fuzzy searching.


Cracking work Connor and Tobias! Thanks for all your hard work! Love the new update. It is really fast. In particular, the toggle sidebars shortcuts really speed up my workflow. The calendar in the side bar is surprisingly useful!

I noticed in the command prompt that I can jump to any day with cmd + D. Possibly - as has happened before - this isn’t new and I’ve only just cottoned on? V useful feature.

I like the new search/filter rework. Being able to sort cards within a search is really useful. I notice that once the dropdown has been opened with cmd + F, it’s very easy to navigate through the activated/unactivated filters & searches and turn them on or off with by pressing enter. Is there a key I can press to negate the filter/search? I.e. to toggle from searching to searching not-?

Being able to manipulate searches and filters quickly is really helpful in my experience of Supernotes, because the ability to find things is one of the most important features of the app. Especially if, like me, you have circa 5000 cards and you don’t spend that much time going back to tidy them all up into a nice structure. I try to make cards as findable as possible as I go along, but I can’t always immediately remember where I put the relevant bit of information or what I called it or tagged it with. So far I have always managed to get the card I wanted with enough searching of tags and words, etc.

Anyway, going back to manipulating search & filters being fast, I wonder if it would be useful to have a clear all filters & searches shortcut? This can be done fairly quickly with the current interface, but I think it’s used enough that it deserves a shortcut.

Very excited for further developments with the search (such as controllable fuzziness, for example?) I’ve had some really interesting conversations with Connor about how the search function works, and I’m excited to see what you guys come up with.


Am I right in thinking that the Today view only shows cards that have been created today, not edited? Because that wasn’t what I was expecting.

I was editing card A, then I created a new card B (as a child of card C). I wanted to link to card B from card A, so I thought “no problem, card A will be at the top of my Today view”, only to find that it wasn’t.

Luckily the Home view treats edits as a change, and brought card A to the top, but it seems a little strange to me that the behaviour isn’t consistent across both views. Am I missing something?

I think the calendar view uses the target date to associate cards, whereas the home view just uses the selected sorting, most likely Sort by Last Edited.

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Yes, the Daily views show cards which have a “target date” set on that date. If a target date has not been set on a card, the card creation date is used. Edited date is not included.

The target date can be set either in the “More Actions” panel of a card, or by drag-and-dropping a card onto a calendar day.

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I agree - this is a huge update! Thank you.

Is importing images with markdown on your planned list? I have a LOT of legacy markdown notes I’d like to bring in, but they also have a lot of images. I’d love to import them with the images.

Hi @thatdwayne, welcome to the Supernotes Community!

Importing images with markdown is planned, but it’s a little far off at the moment. If you’re a developer you can use our API to do this, but it’s a bit involved if you’re not. We recommend importing your notes in batches, due to how different Supernotes is from conventional long-form markdown systems. Hope that’s helpful :slight_smile:

I’m super late to comment here but, I wholeheartedly appreciate the login via browser feature. I often forget passwords and being able to login via browser enables me to use my password filler and eases friction on login. Thanks for your hard work continuing to improve supernotes!


Could you tell me how to share cards with my friends and how to get the share link? I cannot find it.



There is a sharing button on bottom-left of the card. This will be appeared if you turn off solo mode.