Distraction free mode for Cards

As the title says, a focus/distraction free mode for cards would be useful. Since as of now we see all the cards while creating/editing a card.
Seamless mode doesn’t help it in anyway since it just hide the border of each card.


Hi @IXNox, welcome to the Supernotes community!

This is a great idea, and I have added it to our internal pending feature roadmap. If anyone else here is a fan of this please like IXNox’s original post so we can gauge the interest!


I’d love a distraction free or “focus mode” for cards. Many people use Supernotes and other notes apps as a way to collect thoughts and ideas for their writing. While it’s not necessary to turn Supernotes into Ulysses, a focus mode would allow for more flow when writing.

The pinned card feature is excellent for collecting and staging supporting notecards for your main idea. It would make a wonderful complement to a focus mode.


100% agree.

This would be a great feature

I really would love this feature. I was writing in a card today and wished I had a way to have the focus be just on that card with everything else minimized in some way. It doesn’t have to be as extreme as IA Writer, but something that allows me to just focus on the card almost like it was a document or something.