Does anyone use SuperNotes for task management?

If so, what does it look like?

Do you use hierarchy or tags for status and priorities?

I’d love to know how others are doing this

Not right now to be honest. For me it’s more useful as a daily log and for personal knowledge management. For task and project management I prefer Clickup or Todoist.
I have tried task management in Roam Research and Obsidian, but I tend to lose the overview.

Yeah, I’m using ClickUp too and haven’t found a workflow that allows both to work together quite yet.

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Not yet, but I’d like to think that if they include structured meta-data this would become much easier. And with the API it would be interesting to see some integrations with other services, not unlike Jira (although I would imagine that is a little bit down the line!). At the moment I am the only person from my team using supernotes so its easier to just use what the rest of the team is using :frowning_face:

Currently I use a system where we query Jira labels when authenticating authenticate when working on a project, this data is then logged for auditing purposes. It would be easy to replicate this on supernotes by querying a card and getting labels

For me, the quality of this will be substantially determined by archival behaviour, as per Hiding archived and junked cards from search + command prompt.

My structure right now is:

Tasks -> Tasks 07/2020 -> <various cards>

When a task is complete, I archive it — and that’s where I need to feel comfortable making many small cards and then archiving to get them out of the way.

As things stand today, I’m hesitant to many small cards, since this can clutter the Link/Parent/global search lists.

An alternative approach might be Card versioning, since using that approach I can just keep updating a list within a single card.