Download Supernotes 3.0.5 for older MacOS?

Anywhere I can download the Supernotes app compatible with Macos 10.13?

I have seen apparently from version 3.0.6 requires 10.15.

I know the story about not supported, fine if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. I assume the risk if I lose notes. I just need to install this on an older machine and this would be a dealbreaker if I can’t, I was about to signup.

Never mind, I figured it out. Here is the download:

Glad you were able to find it. Also worth noting that you can always use Supernotes on web as well.

Check your iOS app. Not login possible.
Unfortunately Supernotes not going to work because no PDF attachments possible just found out about it sadly…,.
Thank you,

Hi @virat84253,

Which version of iOS are you running? How is the login process not working for you? We’ve checked the login and everything seems to working ok.

Re. PDF attachments, they will be arriving in a future update. Looking forward to sharing that with you soon!

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iOS 17.4.1
Filling in the email address or user name and password and clicking on login button and nothing happens at all… Clicking on forgot password works, so the page or the app is not frozen. Just the login button not working.
Also logging though mobile browser on iOS direct also not working, same issue.

Hi @virat84253,

Ah thanks for the further information, we’re aware of this issue. It’s because you’re silently failing our verification checks in the background. We’ve fixed this in the upcoming 3.1 update to show you an error and a way to manually login regardless.

In the meantime, please make sure you disable any ad blockers, or VPNs as they might interfere with our login security checks (this includes iCloud private relay, in Settings > iCloud > Private Relay).