PDF upload support

Being able to attach PDFs would come in handy.


Especially if text was searchable :scream_cat:


It would be really nice to see at least PDF Attachments. I created some cards to track my holiday and looked to attach the PDF confirmation and was a bit disappointed it was not possible.

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This is pretty important for me. My use case today: an appointment with a doctor, to which I wanted to attach the full after-visit summary provided by their patient management tool.

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Thanks for sharing all your thoughts here on PDF upload support, @warum7, @Arabella, @bmccafferty and @chuckharmston . This is something we’ve wanted to offer for a while, but have been holding off on adding this until we’ve built a solid note-taking experience across all platforms; since file storage / preview is a huge feature in it’s own right.

We could add a barebones PDF attachment ability, without any previewing functionality, but then there’s not much difference to copying a cloud storage link to that file and just pasting it into the markdown of a card.

We also want to make this experience fluid and well built – to support lots of different file types along with PDF, such as Word, Powerpoint, ePub and more. It’s been our vision since the beginning (and indeed was part of the original Supernotes prototype) where you can view a file and take note-cards alongside it. We are looking forward to sharing this with you once it’s ready! In the meantime, feel free to share more use-cases as this will be helpful for us to consider.


You can also link to PDFs and other files using a third-party app called Hook (on Mac). It’s not ideal to require another subscription, and you don’t get a preview. But it also has an advantage in that it does not duplicate the file - it just points to the original. Those links can be opened locally instead of via cloud storage (even if the file is in cloud storage mounted like local storage).

If we could have first class attachment support without duplicating the files that’d be awesome! But I understand one reason it’s helpful to upload/duplicate attachments is for consistency across devices. My personal goal is to have documents including those I might attach live in iCloud where, in theory, the originals could be accessed as local files on any of my devices (although they’d sync separately from the notes referencing them).

If we can’t just link the original file, please at least include the attachments when exporting a file. I hope I don’t have to exit Supernotes, but I’ve been burned by this in exports before.

Yes :star_struck:

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Is this still only ‘under consideration’? I love the tool so far, but for research use, not having file attachments will disqualify this for me for now… :frowning:

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I’ve actually just bumped this to “In Development”, as our current plans are for this to be one of the next features we release once we release our mobile apps and offline mode (which should be in the next few weeks).


I made a separate post for this, but ability to highlight and link to excepts within pdfs would be a game changer. Similar to how Logseq and MarginNote implement these

Quick share in case this helps someone: I had the exact same need (how to I link PDFs to a note).

I did not like the option of using iCloud, gDrive, Dropbox, etc because some of those PDFs are just references I might get back to or not. It creates clutter on my cloud drives.

I ended up using Readwise Reader. I love this reader. I use Supernotes to capture my own thoughts, comments, etc. And keep the work of others (eg. blog posts, PDFs, etc) in Readwise. I just add the Readwise URL to my Supernotes card.


Will this feature be added in 3.x? :eyes:

This will not be coming immediately as part of 3.0, but it will be certainly coming in a 3.x release!