Editor toolbar disappears on Android after adding elements

The menu bar, just above the virtual keyboard, is a great idea and very well implemented. It really makes interaction on mobile so much more pleasent! Well done!

I came accross the following issue: The menu bar disappears once I opened and then closed the universal coupler menu, while the keyboard remains active.


Note that the menu bar has vanished in the end of that video.

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Hi @freisatz,

Happy to hear you’re enjoying the new mobile editor toolbar!

Interesting, if you tap off the card which dismisses the keyboard, while editing, and then tapping back on the editor should make the editor toolbar re-appear. We will fix this in the next minor update :slight_smile:

It does. Looking forward to this being fixed!

I encountered yesterday the same bug. But it was only 2h after the SN 3 release and didn’t want to report too fast :rofl:

I reported it right away, so it can hopefully be fixed before public release, which is a pretty important milestone for the company, I guess. New users will be unforgiving :face_with_peeking_eye:

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Can confirm this is fixed in 3.0.1 on my device.

Oh no - not fixed. My confusion comes from some behaviour I wasn’t aware of when filing this bug:

The issue only occurs when using the + in the tool bar itself. When opening the universal coupler in the traditional way, using the + in the top right corner, everything works fine, and the toolbar will show even after the coupler is closed again.


I am personally not a fan of that “any news on this” type of post, bit still, as this for me is a major pita that survived quite some updates by now, I dare to ask: Any news on this?

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This along with a host of Android improvements will be addressed in 3.1.0 and 3.1.1. We’ve been reworking the innards of the Editing toolbar (so it works on Desktop!) and it’s taking a little longer. It’s definitely front of mind – don’t worry!