Enhance search in universal coupler

When adding a tag to a card using the universal coupler, you first need to select Tag, then you are presented a searchable list of tags in which you can select on or more tags. I like this approach as it is very mobile-friendly.

However, I often start entering something to search for a tag, but have forgotten to click Tag so the search will present the mstching actions (Tag, Icon, …) of the coupler.

Idea: Why not allow search of tags at this stage, too. Search could even include colors, parents, and so on.

I think this would speed up things, particularly when not using a keyboard and the shortkeys are not available.

This is more of an idea, rather than a request. Any thoughts?


I’ve been caught out by this many times! However, I’m not sure your proposed solution will be an improvement.

Think about what a mess the UI for the search result will be when it has to display all matching tags, cards, icons, emojis, templates, and colours. Also, it would break the current Parent/Link behaviour, because Supernotes wouldn’t know which one of those actions we want to take.

Personally, I prefer the current “pick action then search” paradigm.

So we’ve actually kinda already done this. The new Multi-edit basically operates this way, mostly because we wanted to see how this would feel before we applied the idea more broadly. Reviews so far seem to be mixed, but do let us know how you feel about it in that thread. There are definitely some improvements to be made, hopefully we can find the ideal middle ground.


This is actually what might have inspired me. I agree that it is by no means trivial to implement this while maintaining a coherent user experience. Convergence with the multi-select editing menu seems like a great idea :slight_smile:

@JamesT I agree that this is an issue that would need to be taken care of. To clarify, I do not propose to change the current “pick action then search” pardigm. The idea as I tried to put it only implies that the results of the search in the “pick action stage” would change.