Error: Update a card

Hi. I tried to build an iOS Shortcut which update a card with my daily stats. So I have a snippet like this:

“additionalProp1”: {
“data”: {
“id”: “50425af3-f516-491f-9a04-670be17bfc39”,
“markup”: “Lorem ipsum”

and use the url “” to patch the snippet as application/json

Unfortunately I ran into the error {“errors”:{“key”: value is not a valid uuid"}} - but even with the help of the api docs I can’t figure it out …

Sorry about that! Looks like the API docs are a bit broken at the moment. The payload you’re looking for needs to have the card ID in place of additionalProp1, e.g.

  "50425af3-f516-491f-9a04-670be17bfc39": {
    "data": {
      "markup": "Lorem ipsum"

Which should work. After that though, an issue you will bump into is that doing this will not then update the HTML in lockstep – just the markdown. On the Supernotes frontend itself we are producing both and sending both to the API, but the API will not do that for you at the moment.

That being said, I will see if we can’t add this quickly as part of the 2.2.5 update (and try to fix up those docs a bit!) so that you don’t need to generate the HTML yourself. In the slightly longer term (over the next couple months), we plan to completely overhaul the developer docs to be much more comprehensive, helpful and accurate than they are now.

But thank you for helping us test the API in the mean time :blush:

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Thank you! That worked so far :slight_smile:

I wondered where to put the card ID - because this is missing in the ReDoc and in the SwaggerUI the snippet is like mine above.

No problem at all! Always happy to help :slight_smile: