Excising / Split / Absorb cards

Is it possible to have an “excise” feature like TiddlyWiki? This would allow us to select some part of a card’s text and “excise” it into a new card, while replacing that text with a link to the new card. It’s more seamless than a “copy->paste->title->link” 4-step process; there would be only two steps, “select->title card”. I think it would also work well with the emphasis on small cards: if your card is getting too large, it’ll be easy to excise some sub-part and move it to a child card.

What do y’all think? Thanks!!


Hi @joplin6167,

Thanks for your feature request, this is a great idea! We’ve been playing around with something similar, also to introduce the inverse concept as ‘a split / absorb’ dialog:

  • Split: this is pretty much what you’ve mentioned, where you can select some text within a card and make it a child card, replacing the original text with a link
  • Absorb: select a part / a whole card to be absorbed into the bottom of another card – say you quickly wrote down the name of a restaurant as an ‘Untitled’ card while you were on the move – you can then quickly add this to the ‘Restaurants’ card once you are back home.

Hopefully we will get this out soon for you, I’ve marked this topic as “In Development”


I would like to have the ability to select some text inside of my currently edited card and hit something like Ctrl+N to have the selected text cut from that card (which is finished by that action i.e. Ctrl+Enter) and end up in a new child card in edit mode with my selected text as content.

I imagine refactoring one dumped train of thought into more precise ideas will become more natural by that ability.

What do you think?

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Okay, I just found Excising cards and I am very happy!

Hi @Silvan, hopefully we can get something out soon for you. I’ve just moved your topic to be part of Excising Cards so everything is in one place :slight_smile:

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Hi, I was just curious if there are any plans to get this in for SuperNotes 3? I seem to be naturally bad at organizing my notes, I often find myself writing too much in one card and then eventually deciding to split it into a child. It would be really nice to be able to select the text in the parent, have it prompt for a new child card name, and have it cut + paste what I’ve selected into that new child. Thanks!

This won’t be making it into the Supernotes 3.0 release, but 3.0 is coming with some additional editor UI features that will make this much more ergonomic. Will we will prioritize this for a release soon after 3.0 :blush:

Also don’t forget to like the original post whenever you see a feature request on the Community that you really want to see in Supernotes, as that will help us prioritize the most-wanted features.

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edit just now:
I see that this was moved into a similar request. An important part of my request is that the tag structure be replicated when a card is split (“excised” in this thread)

My workflow seems to be that I’m filling a card and realize that I would like to break it into two cards, which have identical tag collections.

I can copy/cut of course, but I don’t think I can cause an inheritance of the tag structure would seems an essential part of such a move.


+1 being able to split cards would be great for re-organizing content after initially capturing it in a bigger card.


In Supernotes 3.1.0 we added a new “Move” Coupler, if you select some text and then press the coupler key you will see it appear as an option. Let us know how you find it, we’re yet to add an “Absorb” function – this will most likely live in the new “Interact with…” prompt.


Wow, 3.1 is the gift that keeps on giving :open_mouth:


This really improves the Supernotes workflow. Users can now type “longer form” without guilt and then easily move chunks of text into new cards. The future absorb feature will hopefully make moving text between cards even more seamless.

This feature should be promoted and included in basic workflow tutorials as they are developed.


The new move coupler is quite neat! But It doesn’t look like it builds up a bidirectional link between the existing card and the “Moved to” card? I tried to use the new [[ linker to do that but that seems to only work for existing cards @tobias

Is there plans to iron out the details with this, because while a nice addition it feels incomplete. To be fair, I do need a function to Move without a link but not being able to add the link automatically is not ideal

Nevermind, found the new linking flow!