Feature parity between Apple Notes and Supernotes?

I’m sorry to have to call this out but SN doesn’t have feature parity with any other note taking app out there.

I mean it’s beautiful and responsive so good job, and I still use the SN free version but it’s really just a slightly crippled version of Apple Notes (if you compare 1:1 features).


Hi @betterkeuper,

We’re sorry to hear that you’re not finding Supernotes as useful as Apple Notes (moving this over to a new thread, since this convo is off-topic from the pdf upload feature request)

Apart from pdf upload support, would you mind letting us know which features in particular you’re missing? Things like handwriting support are not the focus of Supernotes since we’re focusing on building the best text based tool around.

We’ve worked hard to produce an app that’s consistent and fast across all your devices, including those outside of the Apple ecosystem, such as Android, Linux and Windows – platforms which Apple Notes outright does not support at all.

Supernotes has many features that distinguish it from Apple Notes such as editing with markdown, hierarchy creation, 2D / 3D graph view, full wireless keyboard support on iOS (such as switching between notes, Apple notes doesn’t support this), and many more. Along with a very active community and fast customer support from us – something that’s taken for granted and often overlooked when comparing apps!

We’re aware many of these features aren’t obvious and are working on more help guides and video tutorials that we will be releasing in the new year. Looking forward to sharing them with you soon :raised_hands:

What about something as simple as being able to type out ordered lists with indentation? You said that was going to be fixed, but that was a long time ago and it still isn’t fixed.

Not trying to pile on for the sake oof piling on, but you said fast customer support and I believe you said this would get fixed in the next update from when it was brought to your attention and that was a long time ago.


Hi @marlonr,

Our apologies, our intention is never to be misleading and feel like your request is not being handled. We did indeed look into this a while back after our discussion, and unfortunately even though it seems simple, it’s actually quite complex under the hood – what happens with subsequent list items, or multiple sub-nested lists? So we decided to join this request together with wider list enhancements including potentially allowing users to use different list types directly within markdown such as numbered only lists and more.

We pride ourselves in quick customer support (usually always within a few hours on the in-app messenger) however feature requests and discussions here on the forum will inevitably take longer to implement.

We are grateful to have a very active community with hundreds of open feature requests, and we try the best we can to respond, update you with our progress, and implement them as fast as we can. However since there are so many, we won’t be able to update every request such as this one. Nevertheless, I have upped the priority of this, and hopefully we can get something out soon for you.