Feature Request: When Creating a new card via the command prompt, don't inherit current opened note as parent (quick-create mechanism)

I’m constantly working inside an opened noteboard with a specific task, when a new thought/task pops in my mind and I want to quickly capture it. Hovever, there’s no way to do so without that unrelated card inheriting the currente parent note.

I’d suggest that creating a card via the command prompt should not do so, as there’s already a way to create a new card that inherits the parent: just type to create a new note. That way, there’s no need to manually remove the parent.

The type to create is very closely related to the opened noteboard: its prompt is inside it, and editing it is “inline” in the noteboard. That’s all different in the create via command prompt: the card is editied in preview and it’s creation is done in a UI that is dettached from the noteboard.

Hi @MaxLinWorm,

We recently (silently for testing) added Cmd / Ctrl + n for this purpose. On mobile you can hold down the Search loop to create a new card that’s not tied to the parent. I hope that helps!



Just tested it in the desktop app.

Would recommend adding an alternate keyboard shortcut to allow use in the browser (perhaps CTRL + ALT + N) so it doesn’t collide with create new window