Regression in 2.4 re create new notecard via command prompt/search


The last update broke the create new notecard via the search. It no longer shows as the last option in search. See screenshot bellow.

Also, I have a feature request/sugestion:

Hi @MaxLinWorm,

Good spot. We temporarily removed this due to the complexity of the new search, it will be added back in 2.4.1.


INSANE Respose times. I just… you guys rules

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Haha, that’s what we are here for! Thanks for the bug reports @MaxLinWorm, we will work our way through them :wink:

Also it’s probs not necessary to pre-pend bug reports with "BUG: " since they are already labelled and categorised in a separate section on the forum.

O this is just bc i do so on supernotes. Very meta: I track bugs and bug reports about Supernotes in Supernotes :wink: