Filter quick switcher

Currently there’s the command-shift-F shortcut to open the filter view. Then you have to add the filters… if there was a filter quick switcher, say via control-command-F, that was similar to the command-K card-quick switcher, I think that could speed up the usage of filters which would be great.

btw, I just noticed this morning that you can click on tags at the bottom of cards to filter by that tag. Not sure how that feature slipped past me - it’s great.


I like @daniela1’s idea! But I’ve also been hoping for a specific keyboard shortcut for adding a filter to the filter view.

To filter I normally press CMD + SHIFT + H to get to the home view, then CMD + SHIFT + F to open the filter view, and then I have to switch to the trackpad, then find and click on + Add new filter before going back to the keyboard to type the name of the filter.

Could you please add a keyboard shortcut for + Add new filter? Perhaps CMD + OPT + SHIFT + F? The shortcut could both switch to the filter view and open the + Add new filter prompt (reducing the number of shortcuts needed).

It would also be nice to have a keyboard shortcut for switching back to the tree (and restoring your location and previous expanded state). Perhaps CMD + SHIFT + T?

Just a very quick thought on this - wouldn’t it be neat to just open the command prompt and indicate with a leading # that a filter should be added?

This would keep the number of short cuts one would need to remember managable.

@freisatz I like that idea! Presumably it would add (or remove) the entered tag to the filter list and switch to the filter view?

Yeah, something like that.

I just realized that there’s already an In-Development tag attached to this thread. I’m curious what the Devs are up to.

[hype]Can’t wait for Monday[/hype].