For PDFs: Remove Watermark for Subscribers; Graphics Adjustments

I’d like to request the “Made with Supernotes” watermark and logo and be removed from PDFs, at least for paid subscribers. It can be distracting, especially for academic or professional work, or on journal entries. (See image.)

Also, horizontal rules, vertical block quote rules, markdown tables, and yellow highlighted text are all very faint in the PDF exports. (See image.) The highlighted text, rules, and Markdown tables also appear very light or faded on screen as well. Perhaps these settings can be tweaked, or user-defined in a future update.

Other than these issues, the PDF export functionality is great and I appreciate how cards are not split between separate pages.


Hi @noremac,

Thanks for your thorough feature request, it would definitely make a lot of sense to make the watermark optional for Unlimited Subscribers. PDF export is due a few other improvements as well, such as better support for more cards (currently it only exports up to 25 cards). So we will bundle all these updates together in a future update.

Some elements in the export definitely appear fainter and won’t print well – good spot! We will make sure to address this in the next release.

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