FR: search and replace (within card)

It turns out, there is no search/replace within card. ;(
Strongly requesting this: there is no notes-app without search and replace.

/s/search/replace/g syntax would be awesome

I’d like to get a better idea of how you’d use this feature.

Can you share particular instances when you have wanted find/replace?

Just a recent example: tonight I decided to switch from unordered lists to checkboxes in my Bugs/FRs cards (to have visual cue when item is fixed). Search/Replace would allow me just to search for '* ’ in existing cards and replace it with '- [ ] '. Another similar example is here.
And, hey, this is all about text editing. Search/Replace is a must have tool for this: personally I often replace long names/titles with shortcuts for quick text entering, and then search/replace them all in one pass…

Oh yeah, I agree find/replace would be good to have.

Just want to get a better idea of how it would be used so that actual use-cases will inform the design of the UX.