Full list of cards for Command Prompt doesn't load until you visit Home

Replication steps

  • Visit Supernotes directly on a /view/UUID page.
    You can do this by navigating there directly or simply refreshing the page whilst the noteboard is there.
    This issue /does not/ arise if you navigate there from within the app — navigate using browser nav.
  • Hit Cmd+K and search for a card which is not a child of the cards displayed on the noteboard.

Expected behaviour

Card shows up in the Command Prompt.

Actual behaviour

Only cards that were loaded for this noteboard seem to be accessible — to access any others, you must first navigate to their parent or to Home to load all cards.

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@tekacs good spot!

At the moment the Command Prompt is session scoped. If you visit a card directly instead of going to Home (which loads all of your cards), only the cards which are in the current parent and in the Index will be loaded and be shown in the Command Prompt. The same applies for the “Add to Parent” and “Add Card Link” couplers.

This is a lot faster than doing a database query, however we recognise this is not ideal as you have to visit Home in your session for all the cards to be loaded. We will be adding better support for this in a future update!

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