Full Support for Mermaid Diagrams

Implement the feature to display Mermaid diagrams directly, instead of only showing them after clicking a button.


We tried this, but it ended up being a bit wonky just because the Mermaid source block obviously has much different dimensions from the rendered diagram, so there was some jerkiness when the render happened.

However we’ve been experimenting a bit with a slightly different method of doing things like that, which I think will work better, so will try to get it out next release :+1:

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Released in 3.0.5 :tada:

I’ve just started trying to use Mermaid diagrams in Supernotes to capture concept maps.

However, I’m struggling because the diagrams aren’t rendered as part of the cards, and are only visible when clicking the sushi button. This doesn’t seem consistent with other card content like images, tables, LaTeX, etc.

Is there a particular UX/UI reason why Supernotes doesn’t render an “in card” version of Mermaid diagrams?

Edit: Ignore this. I didn’t read this thread closely enough and missed the setting!

@tobias Perhaps you should consider making inline rendering the default for this?

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Hi @JamesT,

A good thought. The reason we’ve done this is that enabling Mermaid by default potentially has some performance considerations, and since the majority of our members won’t ever use it, it’s opt-in at the moment.

However you’re right we could make this smarter, such as soon as you add your first Mermaid diagram it enables it automatically. We’ll look into this :slight_smile:

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