How about adding "Revert" message for few seconds if user wiped all content?

Continuing the discussion from Unable to delete content from card:

Connor said that no content changes after a user wiping all text is an intended behaviour on the above topic.

But I think showing the “Revert” button for a few seconds with clearing the content, instead of preserving the content, is more intuitive and kind to handle both cases (mistake or intended deletion).

By the way, thanks for all your efforts to improve the product!

Hi @laff, I can see where you are coming from.

Generally we try to encourage you having no content within cards, as then they just behave like folders – but I definitely can understand that sometimes you want a card to have no content and it’s annoying that this isn’t possible.

We are overhauling the editing experience with the upcoming offline mode (which will also include real-time collab on the same card) and we will take this in account and make sure to improve this!

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Thank you! :blush: