Unable to delete content from card

I have a few cards I added the wrong content to it. If I edit the card and I delete the content and the card is blank other then the title and click finish. The card preview still shows the content, but then if I hit edit to try and delete the content again the card is empty in the edit mode. If I hit finish the content comes back in the preview mode.

Yes, there appears to be a bug here, though you are also encountering an intentional behavior that is complicating the issue.

Whenever a card’s content is wiped completely, we are actually deliberately ignoring that behavior as wiping all content from a card is almost always not what you want, and we found that it helped reduce issues where people accidentally (somehow) wiped content from a card. However our new editor seems to be caching somewhat aggressively and remembering that you removed the data even though we actually ignored that action on the backend.


Yeah I was wondering if that was the case that it was intentional by design. I just added a “-” to the card to sort of get rid of the content. Thanks for the response.