How about encapsulating each cards (in DOM level)?


There is a way to compose the content of a card in Supernotes using HTML tags, and I use style tags to decorate the cards. However, currently, every styles I added are applied globally to the app if it is visible. For example, the code below would color the background of all cards.

<style> * { background: green; } </style>

Therefore, it seems like separating between cards (using shadow dom…?) would create a more stable environment.

Thank you!

Hi @wldh,

You’re totally right this is not the desired behaviour at all. One of the bigger issues with custom colors is that they won’t work effectively across different themes. Unfortunately, we will most likely remove <style> tags as it can cause too much unpredictable behaviour.

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oh no :disappointed_relieved:

I would like to have a clean syntax unique to Supernotes, which goes beyond the classic Markdown syntax and quickly supports various convenience features such as specifying text color. I will go ahead and hit the like button on this post, haha.