How are people using card colors?

I love the idea of card colors, but right now I just don’t have an intentional way of using them. I don’t want to arbitrarily start coloring cards either.

I was just curious how people are currently using card colors. I want to find some inspiration. Thanks!

I use them to denote card types. For example, some cards are synopses of books I’ve read, these cards are yellow, while others are purely structural notes that further organize items in the hierarchy, for example an “examples of” card (these are purple). Basic notecards have no color.

I also use tags to denote these types, so my system has a little redundancy in case I ever forget what a color indicates.


I think @JohnCP had an interesting workflow for colors in the graph view – you can read it here.

Personally I use colors for association, and quickly identifying different types of child cards, almost like how your study books were different colors in elementary school; so at a glance when I view my Home I can see what card belongs where. Usually I just color the parent card so it shows up as a colored badge on the child cards.

For example. I have a ‘Calls & Catchups’ parent that’s green with a phone icon, and a ‘Posted’ parent card that’s blue with a mail icon for all the personal drafts that I’ve written in Supernotes and sent to various people / companies / social media. However this method is indeed a tad arbitrary, and becomes less powerful with filters – I use tags to categorise cards instead for this.

There’s no right or wrong way to use colors, try a few things and find the workflow that works best for you. We will be improving colors in the future to add a larger color palette and better accessibility. Oh and let us know below, we always find it interesting how members use these features so we can make it more useful for you in the future. We don’t track how you use Supernotes, we rely on your feedback to improve.


When I started to use sn, I didn’t use colors at all because coloring cards does mean one additional action is required. However, once I realized how cool colors are when using the graph view, I started to distinguish card types, in my case literature notes, journal entries, insight notes, by color. As with @solsen it’s redundant information, but it sure helps to immediately see what you are dealing with.

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I didn’t even think about them showing up in the graph as a color. That’s pretty awesome. These are good ideas. I’ll start playing around with it and see what works for me. I always like hearing how people use apps.

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