How do I remove a parent from a card?

I accidentally added two parents to a card, screwing up my organization. I was able to copy the contents of the card, junk the card, create a new card and add the correct parent. I feel like there should’ve been an easier way to do this…

Hi :slight_smile: - just go into edit mode, click on the parents you want to remove and click on “cut”

I want to include a use case:

I am trying to follow the PARA system. It would be best to be able to create new notes and have them land in an “Inbox.” I created a note called 0. Inbox and can have that be the parent. No biggie. But how do I remove 0. Inbox as the parent down the road when I’m ready to organize the note and place it where it belongs?

The thought is to get the idea out of my head. I have a lot of random ideas late at night and want to log them into the Inbox. The following day I can sort and organize when I’m in “sort and organize” mode.

Does that make sense?

Oh you know what? I tried that and didn’t hit CMD + Enter so I saw it was orange. It wasn’t clear to me that it was being removed and kind of looked like something else might happen. (The orange color happens to be the same color warning me I’m over the soft character limit, so I thought maybe it was related?)

You just happen to have the curse of knowledge about the product while I’m still getting my sea legs here. :slightly_smiling_face:

No worrries! I’m reaching my one-year anniversary with Supernotes in a few days.
I’m using SN nearly daily and reached a good knowledge base on my own and definitely with the help of this lovely community and clearly Connor and Tobias.


Additionally, if you want to move a card from one parent to another (rather than just removing it), you can use the drag-and-drop feature for that. Just start by dragging the child card’s title, then hold down shift while dragging, which enables “move mode”. Now when you drop the card onto a new parent card’s title (this can be anywhere in the interface where you can see the parent’s title, e.g. the noteboard, the outline, the backlink section, etc), it will remove any existing parents and add it to the new parent.

You can see a GIF of this in action here.

This would probably be ideal for your use-case, where you want to move cards out of “Inbox” into somewhere else in your structure.

Now THAT’S the real tip! Thanks, @connor!