How to create a Flashcard-like experience in Supernotes?

Is there any way to use flashcards method with SuperNotes?

Hi @carlosaraujox, welcome to the Supernotes Community! :sparkles:

It entirely depends on your use case, if you could let us know a bit more of what you’re trying to do that would be very helpful.

There’s two main ways you can benefit from Supernotes cards to learn new things. The first is to “Minimize” all your cards (by going to Noteboard options > View as _____ > Display Cards as Minimized). And then if you write titles which are questions or concepts then you can try to remember what’s on them and then expand the card. On Desktop you can Minimize and Expand cards using the and arrrow keys.

The second is to use spoiler tags, like this: !!spoiler!! to obscure important words and phrases you need to remember. Hover over them with your mouse (or tap them on mobile) to reveal the phrase when a card is in display mode.

Minimize and Spoiler Tags Demo

Then you could use card color coding to record your confidence in the card:

  • Red: I don’t know it
  • Orange: I mostly got it
  • Green: I know it off by heart

You can also use these in conjunction with graph view to build powerful visualisations and filters to segment which cards you are learning and viewing. I hope that helps!

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