Include all forms of bi-directional links within the backlink drawer

The area of SN i continue to struggle with the most is ability to effectively link and surface cards, once the linking becomes less trivial.

I have outlined some of these difficulties in Add backlinked cards under card in Preview request.

Another issue i see is that bidirectional links only show up as backlinks on one side. The card that links to another card doesn’t have a clear indication of a link, beyond just having a link in its body (which is easy to miss).

I find it very useful to show both, as that way it’s truly bi-directional and highlighted by the application. Here is an example of Hepta doing this



I would love that as well!

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+1 to this!!

Maybe another thing on that:
In my settings I set to open a card with one click. So on one card I have a link and with clicking on it the card opens directly with showing the children underneath. But when I want to see the backlinks of the parent I have to double-click on the title to open the card in preview mode.
It would be much easier to see bi-directional links directly even when a card is opened in the notebook mode.