Inherited visibility based on parent card

Hi there,

I was wondering if inherited visibility could be considered as a setting?

I’ve found myself writing, note-taking, and journaling more than ever once I started using this app. I absolutely love it.

My only point of friction I’ve run into recently is I tend to have a 50/50 usage of visibility and priority cards. When doing priority cards, they tend to be for things I’m learning, and insights I’m gaining from reading/studying. The parent and outline scaffolding in Supernotes is just brilliant for this.

For visible-only cards, I tend to be using this for fleeting thoughts, random ideas, task lists, mini-projects, and journal entries. For those, I tend to have a parent card in my outline like Journal or Random Ideas. It would be nice if there was a setting for that Journal parent card where it had a ‘children’ selector, and I could put all children as visible instead of as priority.

Then, every time I’m writing a note that I don’t want to show in the outline, I can select it’s parent as one of these top-level cards and have it’s visibility automatically switched without having to individually click on each one.

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Thanks for the feature request! We have actually thought about this before, but generally don’t like how it would realistically require a new (hyper-focused) setting that even users of it might get annoyed by on occasion.

However, we plan to add Visibility as a inherited property if it is an active filter, which should cover most of your usecase I think.

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I get what you mean and you’re probably right. The active filter thing though, while covering the use-case doesn’t really reduce friction more than clicking the 3 dots at the bottom and changing the priority.

Maybe for speed’s sake would it be possible to create a keyboard shortcut that changes the visibility and then have a quick, slightly transparent indicator that pops up (with no action confirmation required) that states “visibility of card changed to visible” or something to that effect?

Hi @meldron,

Thanks for the further feedback, we’ll look into this.

Also do you ever use the Multi-select prompt? (Make sure this is enabled). You can change the visibility of card(s) very quickly using this.

Thanks Tobias! I didn’t realise there was a keyboard shortcut for the multi-select. Using that, I’ve been able to rig up a solution using keyboard maestro now, so problem solved :grin: