Integrating with Things: Real-time Card Updates and Task Creation

Hello everyone,

I have a question regarding the integration between the and Things, a task management application. I hope to find people here who can help me understand this question, including the developers of

My goal is to track real-time changes in cards and use these changes to create tasks in Things. I have information on how to interact with Things through their URL scheme, but I need to gain real-time access to the card data in order to implement this integration.

I have the following questions:

  1. Does have a public API that I can use to access card data in real-time?
  2. If there is no public API, are there other ways to access card data in real-time?
  3. Can you provide any examples or documentation that would assist me in implementing this integration?

Hello, respected community!

I previously reached out with a question about synchronizing between and Things 3. Since then, I’ve gathered some information that I’d like to share and discuss. I’m not a developer and my education and profession are not related to IT, so I’ve enlisted the help of an AI to formulate this message.

Here’s what we’ve come up with:

  1. Using the Things 3 URL scheme to extract tasks from projects tagged with
  2. Using the Supernotes API to create new notes based on the extracted tasks. Each note could contain a list of tasks with checkboxes and have the #Things tag. The note’s title could be equal to the project’s title in Things 3.
  3. Reverse synchronization: creating tasks in Things 3 based on notes in Supernotes using the Supernotes API and Things 3 URL scheme.
  4. Automating this process with a task scheduler that would periodically run a script or application. The possibility of adding hotkeys for manually triggering the synchronization process.
  5. Adding logic to handle conflicts, for example, if a task in Things 3 has been updated but the corresponding note in Supernotes has not yet been updated.

I would greatly appreciate it if you could evaluate this information and offer any advice or recommendations. Perhaps there’s a simpler or more efficient way to do this? Any help would be highly valuable.

Thank you in advance for your time and assistance!

Hi @Tokamak,

Things 3 is a wonderful task management app and I appreciate that you’d like to integrate them together. Unfortunately Things 3 doesn’t have an official API so this makes things rather difficult to automate card updates and task creation.

It may still be possible to create a Shortcut on both macOS and iOS, that with some basic text input (like a new task idea), will create a card on Supernotes using our Open API, which then returns the id of the newly created card, and then create a task in Things 3 using their URL Scheme creating a link to the Supernotes card using our URL Scheme supernotes://card_id=CARD_ID_HERE.

As a good starting point you can see how @clefshanty made a Shortcut to Supernotes here.