iOS Shortcut To Post Card

I like the embed feature in SuperNotes for YouTube videos. I created a shortcut that grabs the url and the title of a YouTube video and uses that information to make a new card with the video embedded.

Essentially I use the Get url shortcut method to grab the title for the video I’m sharing from YouTube and save it a variable named “title”.

I then get the url from the same method and stick that in a text method to creat the markdown necessary for embedding a YouTube video in a card.
@[youtube](link to video)
This markdown text is saved in a variable named “link”.

Then using the link in a new get url method set to post along with my API key in the header and my variables in the body along with some tags I use, the necessay info is sent to my account and creates a new card that is titled after the YouTube video with the video embedded in the card.

I then use the open app method to open SuperNotes and my card should be the newest created.

I used the information from the thread below to translate all the JSON info into iOS shortcuts:


This is great @clef_shanty, glad you were able to get this working!

Worth noting that we are actively working on improving our developer docs / integrations so that it should be much easier / clearer how to do things like this in the future.

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I’m currently working on a similar type shortcut using Tasker on Android.

Will post in the next couple of days.