Keyboard shortcut for "Add new filter"?

Supernotes is a keyboard-friendly app, which I love! :heart:

However, one shortcut that I’m currently missing is Add new filter.

I regularly navigate to the Home view using CMD + SHIFT + H (which seems to be missing from the cheatsheet), and then open the Filter panel with CMD + SHIFT + F, but then I need to switch to the cursor to actually add a filter. Any chance of adding a new shortcut?

Related feedback
I find the wording on the Organise section of the keyboard cheatsheet to be a little confusing.

  • Seamless / Standard View : makes sense, as it alters the current view of the noteboard
  • Search View : doesn’t alter the view, just opens the search field. Suggested name: Search
  • Filter View : doesn’t alter the view, just opens the filter panel. Suggested name: Filter or Filter Panel
  • Print View : doesn’t alter the view, just opens the print dialog. Suggested name: Print or Print Noteboard

Hi @JamesT,

Some great feedback here! We are working on improving the filtering mechanics right now, and are adding more keyboard-friendly behaviour – so will make sure this is included.

Also good point about the Cheatsheet. Our intention was “Search [the current’ View”, and “Print [the current] View” etc. but I can see how that language can be confusing. We will revisit this and see if we can make it clearer.

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