Keyboard shortcut to send cards to junk on iPad

Hey guys!

Quick question as I’m using SuperNotes across devices (MacBook, iPad and iPhone). One issue I’ve run into on my iPad Pro (using it with the floating Magic Keyboard accessory) is that I can’t seem to find the shortcut to quickly send the cards I don’t want to junk. Not sure if I’m missing it or it just hasn’t been formatted for iPad yet. If it isn’t yet implemented I’d love if you could provide a shortcut as I take my iPad on the go a lot and being able to work efficiently off SuperNotes with the use of shortcuts from my iPad is a massive bonus.

Hopefully it’s something I’m just missing but thought I’d check!


Hi @Fizzster21,

The iPad Magic Keyboard accessory doesn’t have a delete key, but you can use Control + D to emulate one instead. Hope that works!

Thanks for the prompt response @tobias !

I’ve tried that and unfortunately it doesn’t work, while it does function as a delete key in the sense that it carries out the “forward” backspace action, it doesn’t carry out the junk card shortcut. Would be great if there was a workaround / fix for this for iPad users with a keyboard given the workflow efficiencies that come with this but only a minor issue really and I can still junk cards using my trackpad if needed.

Thanks again.

No problem @Fizzster21, that’s what we are here for.

That’s strange, when I tested this with the iPad emulator, it worked ok. Would it be possible for you to press the forward delete shortcut in this key recorder ie. ControlD, and then take a screenshot of the result? It should look something like the following:

This will help us debug a fix / implement a workaround so we know which keyCode to use.

Thanks @tobias,

See below the feedback with the Control + D inputs on my iPad:

Hope this helps.


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Does the Magic Keyboard not function the same as other Apple devices? If you hold down the function key (globe icon in bottom left of Magic Keyboard) while pressing the delete/backspace key, it should junk the card for you.

Hi @connor ,

No it doesn’t unfortunately, I tried the globe + backspace inputs on my MacBook and that works fine but it seems that on iPad Magic Keyboard, the globe is missing that dual Fn functionality that is present on the MacBook so it doesn’t register it when doing shortcuts.