Keyboard shortcuts suggestions

Supernotes is well-designed to be used mouseless, but there are still some areas for enhancement. Onе of them: traversing cards hierarchy. I miss three shortcuts:

  • go up a level in cards hierarchy
  • go down a level in cards hierarchy
  • go to the root (home)

Maybe it is a good idea to assign keyboard shortcut to the Help (?) popup.

I came looking for exactly these shortcuts too.

In the case of ‘up’ and ‘down’ I think there’s some ambiguity.

‘Root/home’ is fairly clear — though whilst I go there currently, once saved searches / filter integration exists, I suspect that I’ll spend more time on some kind of saved search.

For ‘up’, perhaps a display like the Command Prompt could be used, to propose all of the parents as options to move up to if multiple exist.

For ‘down’, I’m not sure that I have any real request, since Find (Cmd+F) and Navigate In (Shift+Space) work well for me.

A shortcut for the cheatsheet would be nice. :slight_smile: