LaTeX functionality in card titles?

Hey there!

I was wondering if it was possible to add the LaTeX functionality to card titles? I use LaTeX a lot for my cards and sometimes like to link formulas with specific cards and would be perfect if we could use these formulas in the actual titles of the cards.

Not sure if this is already available but thought I’d flag here just in case!


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Hi @Fizzster21,

Thanks for your feature request. We’ve discussed this quite a lot, and while we’d like to support Markdown or LaTeX within titles, there’s multiple reasons why we don’t. Connor summed it up well recently here for Markdown but the same applies to LaTeX:

Due to this I’m marking this out of scope for now, but if anyone would like specifically LaTex or Code Blocks or general Markdown please like the relevant topics.

Thanks Tobias, yeah I can appreciate that. Makes sense thanks for the response!

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