Links to new cards aren't always applied

When you create a link from a card to a new card, more often than not, the link isn’t actually added to the card and you have to add the link once more.

Hi @kareldries ,

I have tried to replicate your issue, but don’t seem to be having any luck. Could you possibly share your browser / OS info and a screen recording of the bug? That would be very helpful. Feel free to share this with us here or via the in-app messenger.

Hey Tobias, I can’t seem to replicate it right now. If I can find out exactly what’s causing this, I’ll let you know.

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I just hit the same issue. I highlight text in one card and select “create new linked card”. The new card is created with the selected text as the title, but no link is added for the original card. This is using Safari 14.0.3 and macOS 11.2.2.

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Thanks for reporting this @rherikstad, we are looking into this, and will fix for the 1.8 release!