List creation bug

Description of the bug
Creating a list skips the next list node and makes a blank newline to jump to at the end. Keeps happening with all list items

App & Version
iOS App v3.0.2

Screenshots / Screen Recording

That‘s weird. I have the same version and don‘t have that bug.

it’s definitely an issue, though seems to happen intermittently.

Thanks for the report, we will continue to investigate on our end but haven’t been able to replicate so far.

Hi @fuzzy.beach,

We’ve replicated this, it’s to do with autocomplete as in your recording, if you happen to press ‘return’ while iOS is flagging a potential text replacement it will skip and create a new line. So an easy fix is to not make any spelling errors :joy: (but we will work on a proper fix as well haha)

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I wish not making any spelling errors was an easy fix :laughing: Thanks for tracking this down!