Manual Ordering of Index


Currently the Index in the sidebar seems to be ordered alphabetically and I can’t see if there’s a way to re-order.

I’m adding an “Inbox” and other top level keys, PARA Method, and I’d like to control the ordering


Hi @rawkode, the Index in the sidebar is actually not being sorted at all, the order is chosen by the database.

The ability to sort cards like in the Noteboard, will be added in the sidebar very soon. Once we support drag and drop, this will also allow for manual sorting and organising of cards across the platform.

It’s very interesting that you have created a top-level “Inbox” card. We will be adding an “Inbox” to the interface in the future for cards that are shared with you and you haven’t seen yet.


Hi folks, it’s been a while, and I wondered whether this was still planned. I’ve been playing around with the new 2.0 release (huge congrats btw!), and I don’t see a way to manually sort items either in the Noteboard or Outline. Here’s my use case example: if I want to keep my notes on all of the Destiny 2 expansions — and the seasons within them — none of the current sorting methods (alphabetical, last edited, number of children etc.) is suitable. Simple manual sort would allow me to tweak this perfectly in no time at all.

Yep, absolutely! Manual sort is up there in our list of priorities, the main issue we’re having is how manual sort works when you are collaborating on Supernotes with others, otherwise it would be a little more straightforward :sweat_smile:. But we hope to have something out their soon, esp now that v2 is released.

In the meantime though, the outline is now sorted in alphabetical order (a change from “totally unordered” as it was when @tobias last commented haha), so although its not ideal you can organize your cards by prepending their titles with numbers/letters/etc in some alphabetical order.

But again this isn’t a great solution so we want to release something better in the near future.


Thanks so much for the swift response Connor, and I absolutely understand the dilemma (even if I’m sure it’s a good deal more complicated to fix than I grasp!). As someone who would use Supernotes solely in Solo Mode (for the foreseeable future at least), it’s not something I’d considered.