Mark as Task and view Task list

As a User, I can mark a text as a task so that the task can be listet in a separate task-list. So I can have an overview of all my tasks, even in bigger documents.
Within the list, the text is shown as recognized text
Within the list, I can mark the task as done. Then it is deleted from the list.
Within the document it will remain, but the text is also marked as done.
The task-list is available over more than one document.
The tasks can be prioritized within the list by moving up and down


Hi @andreasc,

Thanks for your feature request. Have you tried viewing all your cards containing open tasks in the Tasks Collection? We think this a good compromise between simplicity, utility and speed.

We currently don’t separate just the tasks from cards as this goes against the fundamental design of Supernotes to have notecards be the smallest unit of information – longer than a block of text, but shorter than a document.

Building what you’ve mentioned would require building an entirely separate system dedicated entirely to task management, so I’ve marked this out-of-scope for now. However if anyone else would like Andreas would like to have Andreas’ suggestion please like the original post above, so we gauge interest and potentially re-consider in the future.