Meet Clarissa: Our New Intern

Hi everyone, Clarissa here :wave:t3:

I’m joining the Supernotes team for a few months to help out and learn about running the day-to-day activities, as well as marketing and growth, as part of a paid internship program co-organised with King’s College London. So you’ll see me around the Community Forum and the in-app messenger. Happy to help with any queries anyone might have!

A little bit more about me: I’m currently studying International Relations in London. I’m interested in all things related to culture, tech, media, and fashion. I’ve always been an avid user of PKM and productivity tools in the past, and have really been enjoying the Supernotes experience. If you have anything to say about how we can improve Supernotes, feel free to pop them down below👇🏼


Hi Clarissa,

it is faaaar from my intentions to gossip about your bosses, but I believe the team will absolutely benefit from a non-tech perspective :wink: Supernotes deserves more recognition than it currently receives, and changing that - a huge task as it is - is not a matter of technology.

Have a pleasant experience!


Hi Robin,

Thanks for the warm welcome! Definitely looking forward to it :blush:

I had no idea I’d still be using this tool which I used to study for licensing exams in my field. I should’ve purchased the lifetime plan when I had the chance. This program is just that useful and quite versatile. As a visual person, I find Supernotes easier to use over outliners and other paradigms.

I do think the website could better explain efficient workflows, especially for those new to the program.