Which three features are you most looking forward to? (2024 edition)

Hi everyone, as part of being new to the team, I’ve gone through all the feature requests from here (thanks @JamesT for the initiative!) and then collated all the links, as well as those still in development.


  1. Depth
  2. Multiple Parents Filter
  3. Batch Editing
  4. Mobile App Refinement
  5. Font Size Settings
  6. Manual Sort
  7. Additional Multicursor feature
  8. Realtime Collaboration
  9. Offline Mode
  10. Custom Collections
  11. iOS Share Sheet
  12. Slash Commands
  13. Json Export
  14. Calendar Heatmap Filtering
  15. Power Granular Search
  16. Showing All Bi-directional Links in Board view
  17. True Inbox (Partial)
  18. Custom Card Metadata (Partial – API Support)

Still in Development / Under Consideration

  1. Web Clipper
  2. Date Ranges
  3. Mobile Widget
  4. OCR Image Search
  5. File (PDF) Attachments
  6. Callout Support
  7. Better table support
  8. Improved Graph View
  9. Mind Map View
  10. Tabletop View
  11. Table View
  12. WYSIWYG Editor (Even though we’re still not WYSIWYG, we’ve made our WYSIWYM editor even faster and more fluid)

Continuing in the same fashion, what’s the next 3 important features you’d like to see from us at Supernotes?

P.S. Haven’t met me yet? :wave:t3: :smile: Here’s a link to my intro post


Nice to meet you, Clarissa.

I’m looking forward to a feature to share multiple cards at once. Callouts and file attachments are also very necessary!

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I would like to have existing bugs fixed first. This one is really bugging me.


Hi Clarissa, nice to meet you.

I back @freisatz : I’ll see also fixing bugs is prio 1, because for me code quality goes before quantity or featureitis (means as many features as possible).

For the in dev/under consideration list, my three must-haves:
11. Table View
5. File (PDF) Attachments
2. Date Ranges


Nice to meet you, Clarissa! :smile:

For me, definitely these 2 would be big improvements

  1. Tabletop / Whiteboard View
  2. PDF
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Hi, nice to meet you!

  1. Spaced repetition (not on the list, but it was on the road map since a long while ago… see here and here)
  2. Tabletop / whiteboard view
  3. PDF (preferably not just attachements, but searchable, previewable, and maybe adding some secret Supernotes sauce as well)



Nice to meet you, Clarrisa. For my use cases, I would like all features related to tables.


  1. Improved Graph View
  2. Tabletop View
  3. Date Ranges
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My top three would be:

  1. OCR
  2. PDF support (similar to zettelzen, including things like searchability)
  3. Web clipper

Basically I’m sorta locked into Evernote currently because they have absolutely top-tier support for searching text content of images, and for anything stored in a PDF as well. This includes images stored in a PDF, which even Apple Notes seems to struggle with, considering I was able to find a scanned document in Evernote via a specific search but not in Apple Notes. Similarly their web clipper works really well in general, as well as search of other attachments such as Word documents.

Also as a couple random things to maybe throw on the pile of feature requests: Email to create a new note, and tables that support images in the cells. I keep a pretty large table where I put an image on one side and a link in the other with ideas for gifts for my wife, and I rarely see something that can handle that. (I also color code rows for priority or if I’ve already bought something, but that’s not strictly necessary because I could do strikethrough on something, or some other trick, to accomplish a similar effect)

Have a look under Settings → API & Integrations → Email to Supernotes to find an email address that does just that :smiley:


Oooh, very nice! Thanks for pointing that out, obviously I haven’t been paying enough attention to release notes.

Hi Clarissa, nice to meet you 2.

I hope more view mode for view multi-level card in mac-column-view or whiteboard view.

& More convenient advanced filters

Thanks for your help!