Missing Google Keep Features

Hi all,
I’ve just started using Supernotes, love many aspects, and I thought I’d share my use-case and possible feature suggestions. Apologies if I some features already exist that I’m not aware of.

I basically want Google Keep but with two things: LaTeX support and nested-labels or folders of labels.

Supernotes has the first and maybe the parent cards structure will suffice for the second. However, there are features from Google Keep I miss:

  • Not needing to title notes. (I’m already using Default Cursor Position > Body but untitled notes show Untitled, which is unattractive and takes up unnecessary space)
  • Convenient way to view all tags (ideally in the overview)
  • Sort by visibility/priority (I just want a simple broadsheet view with my pinned notes at the top)
  • Simple click on and off to edit notes (I love all the keybindings and am getting used to Cmd + Enter to do this but sometimes it’s clunky not to be able to click on and off. The inverted clickbinding doesn’t seem to solve this)

Other desirable features:

  • Coloured tags (I would love to have it that all notes of one tag share a colour without me having to manually remember to do it)
  • Easier way to close cheatsheet menu
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Hi @jacob_epsilon,

Welcome to the Supernotes Community, thanks for the feedback! To quickly run through your points:

This may seem jarring at first, but once you start having 100+ notes we’ve found that by encouraging you to add titles to your notes you’re able to organise them more efficiently, making them more discoverable / searchable later on. Card titles are also instrumental to navigation on Supernotes; single-click to preview, shift-click / double-click to open, click and drag to add to pinned / inside another card. After more use, we promise it will be helpful for organising your knowledge, but if not do let us know!

This has been mentioned a few times and we have a “Tag Manager” feature request on our internal development roadmap – I’ve bumped up the priority of this.

You can sort by “child count” this often should have a similar effect, since parent cards are priority. Does this suffice or would you like a visibility sort still?

We’ve been continually improving our editing experience, and appreciate that it would be nice to immediately edit a note when you are reading it. Our decision to have a separate display and edit mode, was to make the separate reading / interacting (clicking on a link for example) experience better and the editing experience better by delineating a distinct difference between them; rather than a hybrid WYSIWYG approach where reading / editing is sometimes frustrating.

For now the best way to edit a note is to click on it and then press “Enter”; and then “Cmd + Enter” to finish as you’ve mentioned. We have plans to make this even better, so switching between the display / edit modes is more seamless and jess “jumpy” – and we look forward to sharing this with you soon.

We’ve been tempted by this, but have opted not to include this at the moment. One of Supernotes’ strengths is the simplicity, since you can customise the colours of cards for yourself personally – colouring the tags as well might be a bit too much customisation. Having said this, I definitely suggest opening a separate feature request for this as it would be interesting to see if others would like this – if there’s interest we’d definitely add it.

I’ve made a note to add the “Esc” keybind to the “Cheatsheet” in the next minor release. So if you click on the cheatsheet and then hit “Esc” it will immediately close it.

I hope this is helpful. I’m moving this topic into “Thoughts & Feedback” since we try to keep Feature Requests to a single one at a time for better categorisation. If you’d like to open separate requests to any of the points above, feel free to do so.

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