Narrowed search

I am trying to look around to see if this feature exists and I am just not aware. I want to be able to use the search modal within a given context.

For example, let’s say I want to search all cards tagged #code. Currently there doesn’t seem to be a way to do this outside of filtering by tag and searching for the keyword and then navigating through the rendered cards.

The flow I imagine in this “targeted search” would allow to set some params and then the displayed results have to fit those. This could be tags, parent cards, etc.

Is this on your radar at all?


Currently this does not exist, but we have already added it in development and will ship it in 2.9.9.

It is limited by how our search functions, so you will only be able to choose between: all, titles, content, and tags, which are the currently indexed fields for global search.

Sneak peak :wink:

2023-08-15 14.19.28


That looks promising! When it says “search by tags and and commands…”, does it do what I described in the post?

As in, search a tag, select it and then keep searching within contents of the cards that were found with the given tag?

Unfortunately not, for now it just allows you to change what field you are actually searching for within the command prompt.

:thinking: I see. I think the problem still persists then, unless I am misunderstanding how this is supposed to be used.

If i just search a tag, there can be hundreds of cards under that tag, and since I cant drill into the tag namespace to search based on title or content (which are really the fields that will contain searchable information) I am not sure what use case this serves. Wouldn’t this only be useful for if there is a tag that only has a couple of cards?