Natural language date support

Right, absolutely loving the app so far. It’s taken a little getting used to (since it’s not like other apps), but so far I think I am getting it.

So, the sneaky feature… Workflowy has a great concept with dates that I just love. If you type “today”, or “yesterday”, or many other natural language options, then these can be tab-expanded to that date. Pretty nifty so far, right? The other thing you can do is type “23 Feb - 18 Mar” and have that expand to a date range. Also pretty nifty.

But why would I want this? Well, I noticed that notes exist on dates in the Daily view, and saw that these honour either the created date, or the target date. But what if you allowed us to enter date/s in the heading (and those become the relevant dates) so that they showed up on that date? And, to make it even more interesting, if we could see a note over the date range? It’s something that I really love about workflowy, but miss here. As an example, projects run over a date range, so it would be nice to be able to filter to all notes that are relevant, given a date, including those whose range falls around that date.

If my description here is awful (again, hard to write, easy to see), have a look at dates in workflowy on Youtube. Reach out if you want anything further :smile:.



Interesting idea, thanks for sharing, we will see what we can do!

I actually have a naming convention for stuff in my journal like so

YYYYMMDD <title>

If this would be parsed to set the target date, that would be pretty awesome! Great idea, @zebranky !