Nested whiteboard

to make extra view, as graph-view, but with board. board contain 2 main (only?) type of entities:

  • referential object of an existing note (onHover: brief view of title + first N lines)
  • referential object of an existing board (…brief view via screenshot of content, is optional)

…and user can dive into the link in a blink of an eye.

//ultimate of “2d_placement x links”

this board view is “to put problem-relative notes on the single page”, and be able to do this on any level of abstraction, on multiple levels (as much as problems needing). This is my selling point of Heptabase, which yet isn’t precise/clear/simple enough there, see link: nested whiteboard

#Extra description:
board is 2d, “infinite”, background: half-transparent grid to feel motion through coordinates;
object’s placement isn’t in constraints of alignment - alignment here is as optional correction (!!);
placement, defined by user, should be stored and NOT chaotically mixed like graph-view do.

board view’s ui looks like:

  • {top} search bar to find/select stuff to create referential entity upon
  • {top} current board title - optional (if none, then referential object based on that board would not show title),
  • {right} button to create new-empty note-object (means, usual note itself too, or…), pos = center
  • {right} button to create new-empty board-object, pos = center
  • {right} button to teleport to center coordinates.

or… maybe you prefer code ‘sticker’-object, to not to create actual real Note foreach little text-object. Sticker’s title would be optional.

object’s pop-up menu:

  1. dive (just reload current with reference.board.entities) //better to bind this action to a hotkey!
  2. clone
  3. remove object (The original can only be removed from within itself to avoid losing it)
  4. edit (optional: let set_color, set_alpha, as example)
  • //move by mouse.left
  • //push_to_selected by mouse.right

No pain with handling reference counting, because each board is listed as usual notes.
(Also, it will be a lot of diving to the board, which means it should be simple and fast enough. Optional: animation of the transition with 3D depth.)

It seems as huge thing, but think once, its actually isn’t. Make this to beat “heptabase”, cuz i dislike their politics of payment)

P.S. if you wish not to, ping me & delete this post for all users plz

nested whiteboard
is my selling point of Heptabase

shame on me, rn it’s possible in obsidian, though not in that direct way of - drag canvas from list onto another canvas, double click for dive… kek with that. (and its fast, really fast)

this was not as outlined as by heptabase’s devs… was stolen after? don’t care.

/* still cool feature for whiteboard, if gonna code one */

Hi @tester1337, thank you for your thoughts and feedback. Sounds like what you are after is the Tabletop View. It’s currently a feature request with no ETA yet exactly on release, but is a feature which has been discussed in-depth here on our Community Forum. Feel free to join that discussion!

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