No automatic scrolling

When I double-clicked the card, it did not scroll automatically to the cursor’s position, so I have to scroll down manually so that I can keep typing. Could you fix or add that?


Double-clicking the card content is a new feature we’ve added in the most recent release. Since the display view and edit view of cards on Supernotes are entirely separate things, at the moment we are just storing the cursor position of where it was when you last edited a card, rather than where you double clicked. We actually preferred this after testing, but this could be a personal preference.

If you’d like us to add support for moving the cursor to the element you double-clicked on to go into edit mode (and if this is a long card, this would involve scrolling), please modify this topic to be in “Feature Requests” and rename it to “When double-clicking card to enter edit mode, jump to clicked element” :slight_smile:

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Hi @tobias,

Sorry for the misunderstanding. I really like how the cursor performs right now, which is positioned where it was when I last edited a card. What I mean is that the view does not automatically scroll down to that position, where I want to continue typing what I last edited.
And I probably don’t like the “When double-clicking card to enter edit mode, jump to clicked element”. :face_in_clouds:

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