Supernotes 2.3.1

Thank you for your feedback here on the forum. We’re very excited to share with you our 2.3.1 release, which includes some major under-the-hood improvements, improving reliability and speed across the board. Looking forward to sharing more updates with you soon!

Shared Colors

Due to popular demand, card colors can now be either shared (the default) or personal. Shared cards are (not surprisingly) shared with everyone who has access to a card. Meanwhile personal colors are For Your Eyes Only (the previous behavior). If you set a personal color on a card it will override the shared color to ensure you can continue to have your own system look exactly how you want.

Improvements & Fixes

  • Add shared colors, which are now the default. The existing card color system is now called “Personal” and overrides any shared color that is on a card.
  • Add “double-tap to edit” prompt for touch devices
  • Add “scroll to cursor” behavior when opening a card (#1532 by @NSJK)
  • Add Meta+Alt+L hotkey to turn the current selection into individual cursors at the end of each line
  • Improve auto-scroll behavior when resetting views, sorting & filters
  • Improve LaTeX blocks to display an error if the LaTeX is invalid
  • Improve visuals of overflowing elements within the editor – clicking in the card margin now takes you to the relevant line
  • Improve backtick autocomplete for code blocks
  • Improve performance of all InteractiveSearch components
  • Fix paste bug with links copied from iOS Share Sheet
  • Fix bug where cards were not being automatically saved in certain edge-cases
  • Fix bug where content could be pasted into cards with Reader permissions
  • Fix showing archived children in the Overview (#1524 by @freisatz)
  • Prevent users from signing up with a .con email

We’re aware of an issue with the new versions of desktop apps and are in the midst of investigating and fixing. In the meantime please use the mobile app or web app.

UPDATE: This should be fixed. If your app is not responding, please download a fresh copy from Download | Supernotes

Updated to 2.3.1 on iOS and Mac.
All colours are gone.
Am I missing something?

Hi @JackLukouali,

Sorry to hear this. How many cards are affected? Please get in touch with us via the in-app messenger “Chat with Us” button and we can offer live support.

Scratch that. Colours are back, maybe a refresh I didn’t do earlier.

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I can’t make new links in 2.3.1.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Edit notecard
  2. Paste desired linked note title as text
  3. Highlight note title
  4. Press /
  5. Select desired linked note from action menu
  6. No link is added

Hi @JamesT,

Thanks for the report, we’ve identified the issue and it should be already fixed on the web app, we’re publishing new builds of the mobile / desktop apps now, I will post here once they’re live.

A new minor release will be dropping in the coming days as well, with even more features, fixes and improvements!

UPDATE: The changes are now live for all apps, please re-download the Desktop app from the Download page, we’re working on a better system for hotfixed releases in the future.